Nadav Moskow 40 Battle-Tested Headlines That Will Generate Clicks


How many ads are shown on Google every day you ask?

29.8 BILLION1. YES 29,741,270,774 ads are shown on Google EVERY DAY.

And guess how many of those are clicked?

237 Million. ONLY 237,914,225

And in case you were wondering, what’s the click through rate (CTR), a meagre .80% – not exactly something any AdWords guru or anyone advertising on Google is aiming for.

As business owners and marketing managers, we want to know how we can ensure our ads are those that are getting the most clicks possible.
In this blog, I am going to share with you some ideas that we have battle-tested for our clients at our agency that you can use in your ad headlines, giving you the best shot at getting the clicks over your competitors.

Focus on the trees before the branches!

Why the headline you ask and not the whole ad? Because if you are going to make one change, you want to focus on the part that is going to give you the fastest and biggest impact. And in AdWords, the headline is the most prominent and visible aspect of the ad that people click on.

The challenge though is to have an ongoing supply of new headline text ideas for your ads. So to make this easier for you below are 40 winning headlines you can use for ideas when creating new ads and start seeing the clicks rolling in.

Let’s hone in

I have broken this up into two predominant industries:

  1. E-commerce 
  2. Services

Each industry has unique selling points, yet within them, there are similarities in terms of the type of psychology that can help stimulate and motivate the target market. Therefore, different messages and language can tend to generate a better response if you know what the triggers are.

The obvious trigger I am not going to focus on is the price. Most people are motivated by price if they are comparing like for like products or services and it’s easy to convey – a high price may scare people away and a lower price may attract people you don’t want to. So from a  business perspective, you have to decide whether you want to be perceived as cheap or premium or middle of the road. But that’s a separate and more unique discussion, yet is easy to test in ads.

I’m going to focus on the more emotional benefits that address people’s fears or concerns, which can be more challenging to work out. However, since we manage thousands of ads, across both industries we know what generates those clicks you are chasing!

Across both industries, we have found two prevalent factors that tend to attract more clicks:

  1. People want things fast, that’s the new benchmark – everyone is in a rush nowadays, no-one wants to wait
  2. People like to feel as though they are receiving something for free.

Top 20 Headlines – E-Commerce

My favourite industry, who doesn’t love a good bargain? And guess what, Google users love a bargain too. A non-branded ad with the headline “Orders Above $99 Free Delivery” commanded a massive 26% CTR

Urgency & Convenience-Based Headlines

  1. Same-Day Delivery In {Your City}
  2. Same Day Shipping/Delivery. Buy Now
  3. Guaranteed Next Day Delivery
  4. All Venues. All Games
  5. All Games, Rounds & Arenas
  6. Selling Fast. Don’t Miss Out
  7. Selling Fast. [the item you are selling] Guaranteed.
  8. Hurry, First Show in {Custom countdown will show days or hours till event}
  9. Fast Delivery Australia-Wide
  10. Fast Delivery Across Australia
Countdown Ad

Value based headlines

  1. Free Shipping In {Your City}
  2. Fast, Free Shipping {Your City}
  3. Best Prices & Free Shipping
  4. 100% Guarantee. Buy Now
  5. Orders Above $99 Free Delivery
  6. Afterpay & Zippay Now Available
  7. Pay With Afterpay Or Zippay
  8. Big Savings. Buy Online Now
  9. Save Big On [Product Name]
  10. Up-To 50% On [Product Name]

Top 20 Headlines – Services 

In the service industry, we found that a consistently dominant factor for people was the speed of response & service. For example, in one industry the headline “Same-Day Service In Perth” generated had CTR’s of between 20% all the way up to a whopping 62.5%

Speed, location of service

  1. Onsite Service In [Your Location]
  2. Same-Day Service In [Your Location]
  3. [Your Location] Based Technicians
  4. We Service All Of [Your Location]

Value based headlines

  1. Free Consultation. Call Now
  2. 1st Session/Class Free
  3. We’ll Beat Any Quote. Call Us
  4. Call Now For A Free Quote
  5. Free Measure & Quote
  6. All Brands, All Size Jobs
  7. No Job Too Big or Small
  8. 14-Day Free Trial. Start Today

Trust & Expertise

  1. Free Expert Advice
  2. [Brand Name] Specialists (People want to know you can be trusted)
  3. Only Experienced Technicians
  4. Experts In [Brand/Product/Service]
  5. Trusted By The Experts
  6. Over 10,000 Clients Helped
  7. Family Owned Since 1901
  8. Full Trained & Certified Staff

Wrap up

Before you start playing around with headlines make sure you are happy with the rest of the ad copy too. ALWAYS test 3 or more ads in each ad group (make sure ads are set to rotate evenly, so they compete equally, click here to find out how). Remember, you won’t generate more clicks if your budget isn’t sufficient so check up on that, make sure bids are high enough that you are appearing above the search results.

And finally, for a true test you need to ensure ceteris paribus (all else is equal). Test, test and test again and I guarantee you will see an improvement in results.

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  1. How Many Ads Does Google Serve In A Day – this data is from 2012, but Google doesn’t like to give us too much information so we can only imagine how many millions more ads are shown daily
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