People Matter More Than Hype

Does it ever seem that many people talk a lot about technology, a new strategy to make more money or the latest technique that will help you win over your competitors?

I recently attended an informal chat with Adam Schwab, Founder and CEO of AussieCommerce, which owns online brands such as LuxuryEscapes, brandsExclusive, Cudo, Living Social, DEALS and many more which have all combined to nearly $200m of annual turnover in just over a few years.

What Adam emphasised throughout the chat, was not the latest marketing technique or some viral social media shtick, rather ‘PEOPLE’, were one of the most important aspects. Internally – finding and nurturing the right people. Externally – ensuring you create value and truly satisfy the customer. This seems to imply, that when you attract and nurture good people, you get good decisions and good decisions lead to stable and sustainable improvement. And when you deliver true value to customers, this all combines to give you a healthy recipe for success.

I believe this is a refreshing reminder that too often we seem to be swept up in the media hype of the tremendous benefits that can be gained from technology – the web, social media or some other scheme. Rather it’s ‘PEOPLE’ that develop these tools. It’s ‘PEOPLE’ that manage these tools and it’s ‘PEOPLE’ that are the beneficiary of these tools. At the end of the day, it’s the fundamental human elements that matter. Great marketers, entrepreneurs and business people alike continue to drum the same message: create and disseminate value to your audience, communicate and deliver features that are beneficial to them. It’s not rocket science, its basic business sense, but many of us get caught up in the idea, or the emotion of what we can get out of it, “what’s in it for me”, relegating the ‘PEOPLE’ aspect lower down the list.

And a little bit closer to home, many online marketers talk about SEO rankings on page one, higher PPC click through rates, or lower cost per clicks, unlimited clicks and keywords etc. All that is nice, but in the real world, what really matters is the service/product value you are offering to the client; are you delivering that value. Is the marketing activity providing a measurable return on your spend so you can invest in attracting, retaining and training the right people in your organisation to deliver that value?

As the 2015/16 financial year begins, let us take stock and re-calibrate the way we think about how we focus. Let’s remember, both from an internal organisational perspective and from a customer focused perspective, it’s the ‘PEOPLE’ and what matters to them that we need to keep at the forefront of our decision making.

Is keeping people at the forefront of your business decisions news to you or a reminder of the some of the fundamentals?

Disclaimer: if any ideas from the chat with Adam were relayed inaccurately then it is the fault of the author, if any were correct then all credit to Adam.

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Digital Advocates was founded by Raph Sebbag, with over 15 years’ experience in sales, marketing and training, mainly within the digital arena. After being immersed in the Online Marketing space for much of this time working with the likes of Allied Pickfords & RACV, and hundreds other small to medium business across Australia, Raph started his own accredited Premier Google Partner AdWords agency in Melbourne. His motivating philosophy is aimed at injecting integrity back into the Online Marketing space providing businesses with transparent, practical and measurable AdWords services with a profit-driven approach to client results.

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