Our AdWords Process

Our AdWords Process

AdWords can be one of the fastest drivers of traffic and profit for your business, but first let us share with you how we can help you in the process.

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    Assess Your Situation

    We start by looking at your data and business fundamentals, assessing where you are at and what success specifically looks like for your business. We’ll look at how those fundamentals align with your online marketing goals, so that we can tailor a strategy to achieve your business objectives.

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    Our research methodology is primarily based on historical data and forecasting models, both from within your business and from the general market environment using industry leading tools and analyses. The results will then guide us how to best structure your campaigns to optimise performance.

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    Create Roadmap

    Following the research phase we will discuss the findings and begin crafting a tailored strategy that is aligned with your business goals. As a Google Partner, we apply the latest pay per click methodologies to ensure maximum benefit to your business.

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    Following  your approval we then implement and launch your campaign in a robust & refined yet nimble manner which will make the ongoing management of your campaign more responsive to market changes and ensure we are always marching towards your business goals, whether it is for profit, revenue, cost saving, branding or educational.

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    Measuring & Reporting

    We ensure that your campaign is regularly monitored and reported using key metrics so that we understand what is working and what’s not. We use world-leading reporting and analytical tools created by industry experts. This ongoing process is your campaigns ongoing health and fitness regime to ensure we are always advancing to bigger and better results. “If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” H. James Harrington. Enough said. If you would like to see a sample report, please contact us for a free preview.

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    Advanced Tune Ups

    Unlike many other agency practices we have seen, your campaign is not a set and forget exercise for us. We believe there are both artistic & scientific elements no matter what the size or complexity of the campaign. Your campaign will get dedicated and regular attention to ensure it increases value to your business bottom line and becomes a profitable asset to your organisation.


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