Business Discovery Plan

Test Your Business Idea First Before Spending Big $$


Does the following sound familiar… You get an idea, run it by some friends whilst having a nice meal or sharing a drink and they love it. You buy stock, build a website, hire a sales agent, do some marketing, speak to your accountant and lawyer last of course, if at all. You’ve comfortably spent $40,000 already and your business hasn’t even started and costs are still increasing.

Is there a wiser, less risky way? Now with the power of online search & buyer behaviour data, you can test your market or idea using the latest stats specific to your industry & geographic area before investing the thousands. The barriers to enter your own unique market have never been lower.

A Digital Advocates Discovery Plan will give you:
  • In-depth report based on current data
  • Figures on actual buyer ready demand for your idea
  • Approximate costs to enter and dominate the market
  • Revenue and profit forecasting
  • Go-To-Market online advertising strategy which you are free to use as you please
  • Rebates offered for partnering with Digital Advocates to implement and manage the campaign.

Our Discovery Plans were born out of the need for business owners to make more informed decisions backed by data before taking the leap into the relatively unknown, saving you thousands in the process and then hopefully getting you on the right, profitable path sooner. Read a brief review here, of how we helped one such client.

The minimal investment to discover if your plan will succeed will help you save money in the long run, before spending money on stock, logistics, storage, staff and much more. 

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