Nadav Moskow Which Digital Marketing Channel Is King?

We often sit in meetings with prospective clients and they’ll ask, “should I do Facebook ads? LinkedIn Ads? Google Ads? SEO? Bing Ads?!”.  Often a client has a budget in mind and obviously wants as many conversions as possible but if they allocate budget to every platform they run the risk of spreading themselves too thin. So we need to come up with the most effective marketing platform for their particular business objectives.

Below I go through some of the different digital marketing platforms and look into which one is best for different types of businesses.


People on Facebook are browsing, very few people go to Facebook to shop (yes I know there is marketplace). So to advertise here, your offer needs to be very compelling and the ad has to be good enough to distract people and catch their eye.

When Facebook works best:

If a company has a massive database and can target similar audiences on Facebook. The data Facebook has on each individual can ensure that its’ similar audiences are highly relevant and can thus lead to a high number of conversions.

When Facebook doesn’t work:

Fast services & repairs – there are plenty instances where Facebook advertising won’t work, but if you are in a business where people are looking for a service and want a quick response Facebook is most likely not the first method to try.


Across most industries, it seems that LinkedIn has a higher average cost per clicks and this should be expected. Much like Facebook, LinkedIn has plenty of data on all its users. This is great for advertisers who can be very specific with who they target. BUT, like Facebook people are going on LinkedIn to browse so to get their attention the message needs to be strong.

When LinkedIn works best:

With generally higher CPCs, LinkedIn requires a higher investment. Thus, generally bigger companies can profit quite well from LinkedIn. Often LinkedIn can perform well for B2B companies and companies who have a strong understanding of their target audience. Or are equipped with a database that can be used in a similar way to Facebook

When LinkedIn doesn’t work:

Like Facebook, LinkedIn won’t work for fast response service businesses. If people want a quick answer Google is and always will be king.

Google Ads

If you’ve noticed the trend I keep referring to Google Ads for specific service and urgent service industries. This isn’t to say it doesn’t work in other segments, to the contrary we’ve seen fantastic results for clients across the board in different industries. However, in the urgent services, people want a quick response, without having to do too much research. So in comes Google. Generally, people won’t do too much research about which brand is the best, they will normally click the most appealing top of the page result. Hence, spend some coin and get yourself to the top of the page. If you’re a service based business and are interested in seeing what we’ve done for our clients in the past check out our testimonials page

When Google Ads work best:

Yes, I’ve discussed the urgent services industry, however, it doesn’t end there. If you’re a company and have an online presence, Google Ads are a must. Think about your own experiences, whenever you’re looking for anything, the first point of call is always Google. Yes, SEO can work (see below), but look at this search result for “Melbourne Florist”. There are 4 ads, the map with 3 Google My Business results before the top SEO results are visible – eye line is buy-line!
Florist search

When Google ads don’t work:

From our experiences, we’ve managed to achieve results for clients in all sorts of industries. However, if a company’s target market is not going to Google to search for solutions, then they may not see results. We’ve found on occasion that some B2B business don’t perform as well with Google Ads, but, this isn’t a blanket rule


The long-game: We’ve found that SEO can work, but it’s a long-game and inexact science. Google doesn’t release much info on what leads to high SEO rankings so a lot of what goes into a good SEO strategy is based on experience, testing, reverse-engineering and past performance.

When SEO works:

SEO is super important in every industry, at the end of the day, not everyone clicks on the ads. More & more people have ad blockers on nowadays. So investing in SEO is key, but it has to be done right!

When SEO doesn’t work:

We’ve seen it countless times, people go overkill. They’ll have links on dodgy sites and spend all this money and see zero return. So the key is to get it right from the start – you can get in touch with us for SEO services

Bing – Yes it still exists!

Ok so Bing might be tiny and it may have a fraction of the amount of traffic on a daily basis to what Google gets. BUT, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its place in advertising. It works much the same as Google but again is a smaller market

When Bing works well:

As a compliment to Google & for national/international companies. We’ve noticed that often on Bing there are lower cost per clicks and often lower cost per conversions.

When Bing doesn’t work:

You may have guessed it, generally, Bing isn’t great for companies with small budgets and small target locations, it can be done but often it’s not a great bang for your buck. 

So now with all that info under the belt, what should you do? You need to decide which channel will work best for your business. At the end of the day, it’s always better to invest more money into areas of greatest potential impact but be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket.

If you’d like help with any of the above services please get in touch & if you’d like to receive a no-obligation FREE Google Ads account audit we are here to assist.

Nadav Moskow

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Nadav manages PPC accounts from woe to go with mercurial precision. With a background in economics and marketing he understands how to get the most out of online advertising investments and even save you money. On weekends you may even spot him wearing his whites on the cricket pitch!

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