Find out how Aussie online stores have DOUBLED traffic & revenue within 2 months using Google shopping ads!

This guide will teach you:

How to Capitalise

The massive and largely untapped market for online shopping in Australia and how it's growth is far outpacing traditional bricks and mortar sales

Best Ad Types to Use

Which ad format is dominating in the retail online search space and the psychological advantage it has over other ad media

What's Coming Next

The changing landscape in online search that is giving precedence to the online retail sector


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95% of Australian businesses that sell products online or have an ecommerce store are completely missing out on one of the most lucrative methods of generating instant online sales at good volume and it’s staring them right in the face!

That means 5% of businesses have this huge market to themselves & if you recognise this, you can join the 5% today!

What is this method? Google Shopping Ads! Not search ads, not display ads by Google shown on other websites, shopping ads!

Now regardless of if you’ve heard of them before or not if you aren’t running them & you’re involved in Ecommerce, you’re missing out!

The upside of these types of ads is enormous.

A bit about us...

1Digital Advocates was founded by Raph Sebbag in 2014, with over 13 years’ experience in digital marketing and training, working for large clients such as Allied Pickfords, RACV and helping many small to medium businesses drive more leads and seals. We’ve also helped start ups grow into national leaders in their space.

One of our driving philosophies is that digital marketing should be a profit making (or at least brand enhancing) exercise first and foremost. If it’s providing value, then great, keep on going!

We’ve been accredited as Premium Google Partner, with an aim to inject purpose and integrity back to the digital marketing space providing businesses with transparent, practical and measurable results using a robust data-driven approach.


Compared with the same period from last year, we saw a very significant increase in return on ad spend. I’m stoked with Raph and the team, actually seeing results improving month on month.


Paul Grant

Gym & Fitness


Great service and even better results. Best agency we have worked with by far.


Scott Lucas

The Floor Store


Find out how Aussie online stores have DOUBLED traffic & revenue within 2 months using Google shopping ads!

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary depending on a whole range of factors, including but not exclusive to the type of company, the industry within which you operate, your business model, time or seasonal factors. Any reference to performance is not intended to, nor is guarantee of any specific rate of performance.